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watercolor paintings

In 2019 I started using watercolors again after a pause of about 12 years. Currently (spring 2019) I am working on abstract watercolor paintings in formats up to 10x14 in (26x36 cm).
I use both high quality colors (Schmincke, White Nights, Daniel Smith) and papers (Arches).
In spring 2019 I started making my own watercolors. I make them from commercial available pigments as well as from pigments I make myself.
In summer 2019 I was experimenting with colors made from various kinds of Iron Ore I collected around my hometown, where the Zollern company gave me permission to dig some of the red ferric clay from their property.
Also the gravel factory at the Ostrach moraine gave me permission to search for ochre stones there.

In late summer 2019 I started exploring the possibilities of painting on stone paper.

watercolors website.jpg

Interested in buying a painting directly from me?
Please check out the availability in my Etsy shop at


I also offer a range of handmade watercolors in my etsy store

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