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I am an abstract acrylic painter and metalsmith. I also compose music using synthesizer methods.
Recently I started making Flutes (see flute shop on this website).
Born 1966 in Germany, I developed my art during a study of chemistry. I started with paintings in watercolors and oil. Later I discovered acrylic colors.
In November 2007, I moved to the United States. where I started metalsmithing, and since 2011 I make digital paintings also.
Color is a most important part of my paintings and in my jewelry.

In October 2015 I moved back to Germany, where I started metalsmithing, painting and flute making again.

I took part in various exhibitions in Connecticut during the past years, and I was a member of the Organization of Independent Artists, NY and the Ridgefield Guild of Artists.

My artwork was shown from 2008-2014 at

Celebrationsshoppes and Gallery in Pomfret, CT.


For me, Painting, Jewelry and Music are just different ways of expressing similar things through artwork.




business card, SChweizer Arts, paintings, jewelry, compositions

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