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In October 2015 I started making large format mixed media paintings: acrylic, pens, inks, crushed stones, sand, iron ore, on canvas and MDF board.
In December 2015 I started making digital paintings based on photos which show structures - technique similar to frottage and grattage ("imprints of nature").

In 2016 I made more mixed media acrylic paintings and digital paintings, and I took up a technique again I had started in 2014: glass ink paintings. Several alternating layers of inks and varnish on paper and a glass plate, combined with pens and acrylics, sometimes metals are added.
In 2017 I started making digital paintings and fluid ink paintings on canvas again.

In 2019 I started collecting earth pigments, and I made watercolors and inks from them.

In 2020 I started using the ink and watercolor paintings together with digital painting methods.
In summer 2020 I started painting on stone and ceramic tiles and on real Papyrus.
In summer 2021 I made drip and pour paintings on canvas

In autumn 2021 I started painting on various Japanese papers in small formats

In Winter 2022 I started working on abstract expressionistic paintings in a more detailed style

In late winter 2022 I tried to develop a painting tecchnique using watercolors on specially prepared canvas. The canvas is primed with a mix of Kaolin, volcanic ash and acrylic binder.
The new technique allows for very thin layers of watercolors and acrylic paint, together with thick impasto and dripping on canvas. Using very wet techniques is possible on such a canvas, no warping and buckling Watercolor granulation is possible also to a certain degree..


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