In October 2015 I started making large format mixed media paintings: acrylic, pens, inks, crushed stones, sand, iron ore, on canvas and MDF board.
In December 2015 I started making digital paintings based on photos which show structures - technique similar to frottage and grattage ("imprints of nature").

In 2016 I made more mixed media acrylic paintings and digital paintings, and I took up a technique again I had started in 2014: glass ink paintings. Several alternating layers of inks and varnish on paper and a glass plate, combined with pens and acrylics, sometimes metals are added.
In 2017 I started making digital paintings and fluid ink paintings on canvas again.

In 2019 I started collecting earth pigments, and I made watercolors and inks from them.

In 2020 I started using the ink and watercolor paintings together with digital painting methods.
In summer 2020 I started painting on stone and ceramic tiles and on real Papyrus.

© 2013 by Wolfgang Shweizer

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